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Christmas Candle Tin Bundle

Christmas Candle Tin Bundle

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It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! Our Christmas edition natural soy candle tins are the perfect way to bring the warming, sweet and crisp floral fragrances of Christmas to your home with our Butterscotch Pudding, White Christmas and Christmas Bush fragrances. Our Christmas Tin Bundle contains 3 large (190g) candle tins for only $40.


Butterscotch Pudding - A mouthwatering, well-rounded combination of rich butterscotch, sweet cream, maple syrup with a subtle base of vanilla.

Christmas Bush - This Aussie Christmas Bush fragrance really captures the fragrance of the authentic Christmas Bush plant with fresh flora the highlight. Fragrances such as clove leaf, fir needle and leafy greens are the top notes and these are contrasted by woody musk, eucalyptus and sweet jasmine. Highlights a very Aussie Christmas.

White Christmas - Hilighted by a crisp smell of mint with sweet gardenia, jasmine and a baseline of vetiver, oak moss and lily of the valley. This is a wonderful reminder of what Christmas brings to family and friends.



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