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Clip-on Car Vent Diffuser

Clip-on Car Vent Diffuser

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Our Clip-on Car Diffusers contain 10ml of fragrance oil and clip onto your cars air conditioning vent. Made with a premium base for a superior scent throw, they are a low maintenance product. The timber effect on the outer case is eye catching and fragrance will have your car smelling divine every time you are travelling somewhere. 

Our clip-on diffusers last until the fragrance oil is completely evaporated and the time taken to evaporate depends on how much exposure to moving air from the vents. Warm air causes the oil to evaporate faster.

Please note- some fragrances (particularly those containing vanillin) will have diffuser solution which is a yellow colour or has a yellow tinge. 


Avoid ingestion and contact with skin and eyes. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Be cautious when using this product. Accidental spillage may damage certain materials so do not place directly onto polished, painted, plastic or leather surfaces, electrical equipment or other materials. Clean up spills immediately. Fragrance will also expand in high heat conditions so don’t overfill the bottle as this can cause leakage. Do not keep in high heat environments exceeding 30 degrees C.

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