Flickering Beginnings

Flickering Beginnings

It has been a crazy few weeks since we launched Summer Candle Co!  It has been great to connect to our lovely customers, and we have been blown away by the amazing support from our friends, family and from people we have never met. We continue to evolve our product and brand and are loving the feedback...keep it coming!

Although we are busy, we have had time to create new products and continue to explore the many fragrance options that are available to us.  I may have mentioned in my first post, that key to a successful candle is to test, test, test. You know, candles are more scientific than people may realise. Every time you change your jar, you need to also take stock of the size of the wick you use (yes, wicks come in different sizes!).  And then decide if you need to use a single wick or double-up to get that perfect melt pool.   Oh, and just to complicate things, adding fragrance brings in another complexity. What percentage fragrance to wax ratio do you use? Does it smell too strong? Too weak? Is it impacting how the candle is burning? Believe it or not, each fragrance will react differently, so every version of the above needs to be tested to get everything just right.

And of course, once you have this down pat, what do you call your new, amazing candle??

One candle I think we do have 'just right' is one of our new arrivals. It is a little different from signature range, bringing a slightly more masculine scent. If you love warm, musky scents, this one is definitely worth a try.   We have it available in our candles, room sprays and diffusers - and I can honestly say it is a personal favourite!

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