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Reed Diffuser Clear Cubic 200ml

Reed Diffuser Clear Cubic 200ml

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Our Clear Cubic Reed Diffusers contain 200ml of fragrance oil and 10 reed sticks. Made with a premium base for a superior scent throw, they are a low maintenance product that looks perfect in any home, workplace or bathroom. The clear cubic glassware with a rose gold collar and reeds are simply stunning and their constant fragrance will have your home or workplace smelling divine all day long. 

If you like a strong scent, use all 10 reeds and flip them periodically to enhance the fragrance. Ensure you flip them over a paper towel and wipe any excess off the bottle/surface. In smaller spaces, use less reeds. Our reed diffusers last until the fragrance oil is completely evaporated which is generally around 6 months but depends on fans, air conditioning, heating, open/closed doors, size of the space etc.

Please note- some fragrances (particularly those containing vanillin) will have diffuser solution which is a yellow colour or has a yellow tinge.

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